I happened to sneak into Chris Koehler’s Illustration I class last week, where he was handing out a “Top of the Pops” music editorial portrait assignment I just had to jump in on. One of the artists on his list to choose from was FKA Twigs, a musician and performer I’ve been dying to learn more about/get into lately so I had to jump at the opportunity to make something weird and fun.

Thanks Chris for allowing me to creep in on your assignment, looking forward to seeing what the crop of new CCA Illustration students have in store.

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Mixtape Monday: Edition B


Mixtape Monday is back in action, but we got a major switch up this week! Nick Francis is off deck, and Guest Mixer Bridget Ahearn is up at bat!

Bringing the crazy eclectic vibes Edition B pulls no punches and gets WEIRD. B brought out the full cast with an amazing range of artists from Kendrick Lamar, Outkast, FKA Twigs, Little Dragon, Toro y Moi, to Robert Glasper, Beach House and Santigold. Enjoy, it’s a hell of a trip!

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Live and Direct! – Kermit Ruffins and the BBQ Swingers


Goddamn Goddamn Goddamn. Kermit Ruffins and the BBQ Swingers, live at The New Parish with MJ’s Brass Boppers and Nayo Jones. Where the hell does one even start. Everyone put on an absolutely incredible show, transplanting a tiny taste of New Orleans right to the heart of Oakland, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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The Talking Pillow Podcast: Episode III

Welcome back to The Talking Pillow, the weekly midnight podcast with Nick Francis and Zach Hing of Fault and Fracture. This week we’re jumping right into our love of music, our idols, our inspirations, and what might shake up the music industry.

The Talking Pillow is a raw, uncut, unedited podcast where the Fault and Fracture crew meets up every Thursday night to discuss the things on our mind, the culture around us, and anything else that might come to mind. We hope you’ll tune in and enjoy!

The Talking Pillow airs every Thursday-Night, Friday-Morning!

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For those of you who haven’t been able to turn on a National News Station in America in the last few months or years (God Bless You), California is in an extremely severe drought. So CCA felt it might be prudent to have the illustration flex it’s social awareness muscles and do an illustration that specifically responds to the prompt “Drought”.

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LA Times


This image was done without assignment, other than the fact that I had just learned I had two weeks to come up with some new work for the Tupac Tribute Show hosted by Trap X Art that happened a few weeks back (see : Live and Direct – Trap X Art Tupac Tribute Show ). This image was pretty experimental for me, playing around between a few styles I’ve been practicing lately. It got a really interesting response from my mentor and instructor Randy Chavez, who said it proved to him that I was a “cubist illustrator”. We’ll see where that road leads in the future.

The image is done with mixed media: collage, acrylic, and oil pastel.

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Mixtape Monday: Volume VI


And with another Monday Morning Mixtape Mondays is back with Volume VI: Baby Girl Why Dontcha! New Mixtape Mondays are up every Monday morning. This week we’re diving into some old school, 60’s-80’s sounds, it’l be wild. We have an incredibly diverse range of artists, from local heroes like The Fantastic Negrito, to legends and pioneers such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan and many other amazing acts from the 60’s – 80’s Motown scene. Enjoy!

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The Talking Pillow Podcast: Episode II

Hey all!

Welcome back to Fault and Fracture’s weekly Podcast, The Talking Pillow – with hosts Nick Francis and Zach Hing. This week we’re diving right into the heart of pop media culture and how it concerns our daily lives as musicians, illustrators, artists and designers.

We hope you enjoy!

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Mixtape Monday: Volume V


Welcome back! Hope your weekend was either eventful or slumbrous, whichever you needed most. We’re gonna jump right on into this week’s Mix, Volume V: “Dead On Arrival”. We’re definitely back in the hip hop category this week (I assure you we’ll be going in a completely different direction with the next mix!) with some classics, both contemporary and legacy, mainstream and underground. I’m working on condensing the mixes from here on out, with Volume V clocking in as the shortest yet at 45 minutes. Even with the shortest mix we definitely packed the house, featuring musicians and acts such as Blackalicious, J. Cole, Dilated Peoples, Jay Z, J Dilla, Doomtree and Mike Mictlan doing his own thing, Sunspot Jonz, Collective Efforts, Copywrite and the classics Lyrics born and Kool & The Gang.

Also – As you can see moving forward the Mixtapes will be posted on Soundcloud and on Spotify, use whichever platform you prefer – on soundcloud I’ll be acting a bit more as a radio DJ, whereas on Spotify it’l just be a playlist of all the songs in the mix.


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Live and Direct! – Trap X Art Tupac Tribute

The Tupac Tribute show with Trap X Art at 111 Minna has come and gone. It was great working having Josh Gibson as my featured guest for the show as he truly filled out the extra space I had on our wall. Working with Amina (co founder and organizer) from Trap X Art was a lot of fun, they pair up with 111 Minna every few weeks to do tribute shows so if you missed out last night make sure to check them out for their future exhibitions – the shows are only up for one night so be sure to make it out!

Here’s one of the new illustrations I did for the show, the other one (pictured above in instagram) I’ll share later this week.


“Greed n’ Ridaz”, 2015

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