Mixtape Monday Vol. XI – “ReUP: ECHO”


We’ll we’ve done it! We’ve pasted Volume Ten and kept on going! For volume 11 of Mixtape Mondays I thought we’d take a step back, into some Fault and Fracture history. Last year, Zach Hing and myself put together our Fault and Fracture Exhibition, Echoes at RPSC for Art Murmur in Downtown Oakland. Our goal was to try our hand at creating a visual, sonic experience with moving art, murals, a dance party, costumes and all kinds of other crazy stuff, it was a bit of a mess, but it was a kick start to the projects we’re doing now and what we want to be doing in the future.

For the opening party myself, Zach and Bridget Ahearn all came together to create an interactive film playlist, and while that is no longer available this week’s Mixtape is the abridged version, with artists such as Poliça, Phantogram, Michael Jackson, Flying Lotus, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Childish Gambino, Kanye West, Kavinsky, Doomtree, Massive Attack, and alt-j it’s quite a bit of fun.

Later on this week we’ll go into a full retrospective of the Echoes Shows, I & II. Until then, Enjoy!

P.S. – I was completely cold ridden ill all week, so both last week’s episode and this week’s will not be up on Mixcloud, as I couldn’t record myself. We’ll be back up with full radio edits starting next week.

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Live and Direct! – Doomtree @ Oakland Metro


Now, anyone whose known me for more than a minute knows how much of a Doomtree enthusiast I am. I love what they do, I love how they do it, I love what they stand for and I love how they present themselves and they kind of people they chose to be. On or off stage they are fantastic people to be around. This was my fifth Doomtree show in the last 12 months. I was at three of the seven days of the last Doomtree Blowout in Minneapolis, then their show at Slim’s in San Francisco right when the newest album “All Hands” came out, and finally last Friday night at Oakland Metro. Continue reading Live and Direct! – Doomtree @ Oakland Metro

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Mixtape Monday Vol. X – “The Babe Left Cuz Summer is Over”


MIXTAPE MONDAY VOLUME 10 has landed! I don’t know why but this feels pretty damn amazing to me, keeping consistent on projects like this isn’t always my strong suit so the fact that we’re at week ten and going strong feels fantastic. This week’s edition, “The Babe Left Cuz Summer is Over” is the story of a young boy with a tendency for summer flings, and the wonderfully fleeting prospects they bring. We have an incredible line up this week with artists like Big Grams, Toro y Moi, De La Soul, Goldlink, Lizzo, Anderson .Paak, Doomtree, Eyedea (RIP), The Game, Young Fathers, J. Cole, Donnie Trumpet, FKA Twigs, Allan Kingdom, Robert Robert and many more!

So pop off into before the California Summer (yeah our’s lasts longer than mosts) is gone for good! Enjoy!

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Live and Direct! Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah @ Yoshi’s


In all honesty Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, his newest album “Stretch Music” – featuring local Bay Area artist and flutist Elena Pinderhughes and the concept of stretch music as a sound are fairly new to me. Up until a few months ago I knew nothing about him, his amazing band or this form of fusion jazz until it suddenly burst upon my radar when at all once several close friends were all telling me I had to get up on it. Continue reading Live and Direct! Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah @ Yoshi’s

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Mixtape Monday Vol. IX – “I Left My Phone @ The Show”


Mixtape Monday Vol. IX – “I Left My Phone @ The Show” by Iamnfrancis on Mixcloud

Hot damn we’re coming on strong this week. Mixtape Monday is kicking with a vengeance so let’s get the morning rolling. This week marks Mixtape Monday at Volume: IX “I Left My Phone @ The Show” and we’re here with the full on bangerz, back to the Mixtape Monday roots, though this time I wanted to focus on some of the up and coming people, the new kids on the block, the new musicians that prove this is a young artists’ game. Now I don’t claim to be showing a list of artists no one’s heard of, quite the contrary, most of the people on this week’s mix have already brought some serious heat and started making their mark on the rap game. I wanted to give them a little more light, give them a little more room to shine and shout, because everyone on this week’s mix is a killer and has only just started.

We got Vince Staples with us this week, Anderson .Paak, Black Milk, Mel, BJ The Chicago Kid, Danny Brown, Freddie Gibs and MadLib, Bilal, 88-Keys, Mad Wiz, Naledge, one of my favorite new artists Son Little, and many more crazy ass people.

For those of you listening to the mix through MixCloud instead of Spotify, you get some bonus bookend songs from Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Fridays back from the 2010 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy campaign, which most people I talk to (not on HypeBeast obviously) seem to be unaware of. Enjoy!

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Live and Direct! Mr. West Mr. West @ The Warfield


Wake up Mr. West! I know I was certainly yelling Wake up Mr. Francis to myself Saturday morning as myself and hundreds of other Kanye West fans waited in line for his performance at the DNC’s fundraiser. Barrack Obama, Libby Shaff, the entire Warriors team, Serena Williams and Jamie Foxx were all in attendance, with Barrack and Libby both giving speeches before Kanye came out on stage. And while Kanye definitely took his time getting the show ready to start, it was an incredible 45minute set once it started.

Despite the minor (and now expected) technical difficulties Ye busted out all the hits, several off record radio smashes, and concluded the performance with a medley of songs from each of his albums; covering every major release from his catalog save for Watch the Throne.

Continue reading Live and Direct! Mr. West Mr. West @ The Warfield

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Hands Trumparie


Continuing on with the Nu Jazz, Funk n Flow Series comes Hands Trumparie. I wanted to mess around with the setup a little bit and just flip it on its side. Playing around with a more banner format a little, something which I intend to develop further, until then I hope you enjoy some broken trumpet parts and Miles Davis-eqsue hands. I know I do.

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Mixtape Monday: Volume VIII ” I Wonder Where This Is Taking Us”


Mixtape Monday: by Iamnfrancis on Mixcloud

Mixtape Monday is back with Nick Francis at the helm! This week we’re centering on Kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreaks release, what inspired the divisive album, and what musicians and sounds it influenced going into the future. We have some of the artists he was looking at such as Phil Collins and Genesis, 88-Keys, Tears For Fears, The Cure, Culture Club, Foreigner, New Order,  and Gary Numan along with some of those who were influenced by the album like Frank Ocean, Bilal, Washed Out, and Bon Iver and Doomtree’s love child, Gayngs.

It’s important to note that this week the setup is a little different. There are a few minor differences between the Spotify playlist and the Mixcloud radio edit. Due to Spotify’s licensing issues, and my own creative choices, two of the songs I wanted to add (Heartless +Pinocchio Medley – Live from SNL: Kanye West), and (No Scrubs – P.O.S. Regrind: Gayngs) are not available on Spotify and thus have been replaced with the closest available songs. This will probably happen more and more in the future as I use more live recordings and do as much crate digging as possible, so make sure to listen to the full Mixcloud Radio Edit!


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