Thesis // Mixtape Monday: Liberated


All well and done, here is my finishing collection of works from my time at California College of the Arts Illustration Program. I built an album around a collection of songs, essentially building off the “Mixtape Monday” efforts I had been doing for the past several months.

Bellow is the album’s songs, and the pieces themselves, which can be viewed in totality @¬† The art was built into an album, CD and Vinyl, along with several posters and T Shirts – which will be available online shortly.

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Mixtape Monday Volume XXX – “the life of a man named, same”


Mixtape Monday is back to bring in another Oakland, California morning. ¬†There’s been some wildness in the air lately and this week’s mix fully lives and breathes off it – but before I get into that I wanted to express how this week’s mix functions a little differently.

One of my client’s recently put me onto this strange n rad indie band Lewis Del Mar and their new EP and it is killer. So where I normally try not to repeat artists on a given mix, this week Lewis Del Mar’s entire EP is sandwiched in between the rest of the mix. They’re held in place by the rest of this week’s artists including John Coltrane, Sonny Sharrock, Jimi Hendrix, Fugazi, Led Zepplin (Sorry Ye), Kanye West, Young Fathers, Frank Ocean and Pastor T.L. Barrett. Enjoy!

One top of all that peep the new visuals for my friend Why Fi’s new site, where he’ll be pushing music from his new project Elysium. Check it out at Thank you to Kaili Kuo for the dope photography for me to have fun with.

Photo Apr 10, 3 14 59 PM

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The Last Days of Oakland: Process Preview

The artwork for the Fantastic Negrito album, The Last Days of Oakland should be dropping soon. So I thought I’d share some of the alternative color treatments for the color, so here are all the rejected color treatments on the low. Keep your eyes peeled for the art coming soon! Album slated for June this year.


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Illustration Thesis – Preview 1


Here’s a more in depth preview of my thesis project for the end of my time in California College of the Art’s Illustration department.

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New Single ~ “Working Poor” by Fantastic Negrito


Fantastic Negrito’s newest single “Working Poor” is out, for his upcoming album The Last Days of Oakland. I did the design layout for the single cover – and if you keep your eyes peeled they’ll be more Fantastic Negrito art by your’s truly coming out soon!

Check out the song, show love, buy the song, and support Oakland artists and musicians!
All the love.

We getting some coveraaage – check it
NPR – All Songs Considered
Consequence of Sound


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There’s a lot of division within the disabled community, we hardly have a voice – partly due to our own lack of unity. There’s no proper way to illustrated “disabled” people as a whole due to our vast diversity of issues. Anyway here’s a little Op Ed styled piece I did out of frustration.

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A quick book cover illustration for a mock up copy of a 1984 trade back release. Done in mixed media and digital collage.

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Hands Trumparie


Continuing on with the Nu Jazz, Funk n Flow Series comes Hands Trumparie. I wanted to mess around with the setup a little bit and just flip it on its side. Playing around with a more banner format a little, something which I intend to develop further, until then I hope you enjoy some broken trumpet parts and Miles Davis-eqsue hands. I know I do.

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I happened to sneak into Chris Koehler’s Illustration I class last week, where he was handing out a “Top of the Pops” music editorial portrait assignment I just had to jump in on. One of the artists on his list to choose from was FKA Twigs, a musician and performer I’ve been dying to learn more about/get into lately so I had to jump at the opportunity to make something weird and fun.

Thanks Chris for allowing me to creep in on your assignment, looking forward to seeing what the crop of new CCA Illustration students have in store.

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For those of you who haven’t been able to turn on a National News Station in America in the last few months or years (God Bless You), California is in an extremely severe drought. So CCA felt it might be prudent to have the illustration flex it’s social awareness muscles and do an illustration that specifically responds to the prompt “Drought”.

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