Mixtape Monday Vol. IX – “I Left My Phone @ The Show”


Mixtape Monday Vol. IX – “I Left My Phone @ The Show” by Iamnfrancis on Mixcloud

Hot damn we’re coming on strong this week. Mixtape Monday is kicking with a vengeance so let’s get the morning rolling. This week marks Mixtape Monday at Volume: IX “I Left My Phone @ The Show” and we’re here with the full on bangerz, back to the Mixtape Monday roots, though this time I wanted to focus on some of the up and coming people, the new kids on the block, the new musicians that prove this is a young artists’ game. Now I don’t claim to be showing a list of artists no one’s heard of, quite the contrary, most of the people on this week’s mix have already brought some serious heat and started making their mark on the rap game. I wanted to give them a little more light, give them a little more room to shine and shout, because everyone on this week’s mix is a killer and has only just started.

We got Vince Staples with us this week, Anderson .Paak, Black Milk, Mel, BJ The Chicago Kid, Danny Brown, Freddie Gibs and MadLib, Bilal, 88-Keys, Mad Wiz, Naledge, one of my favorite new artists Son Little, and many more crazy ass people.

For those of you listening to the mix through MixCloud instead of Spotify, you get some bonus bookend songs from Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Fridays back from the 2010 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy campaign, which most people I talk to (not on HypeBeast obviously) seem to be unaware of. Enjoy!

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Mixtape Monday: Volume VIII ” I Wonder Where This Is Taking Us”


Mixtape Monday: by Iamnfrancis on Mixcloud

Mixtape Monday is back with Nick Francis at the helm! This week we’re centering on Kanye’s 808’s and Heartbreaks release, what inspired the divisive album, and what musicians and sounds it influenced going into the future. We have some of the artists he was looking at such as Phil Collins and Genesis, 88-Keys, Tears For Fears, The Cure, Culture Club, Foreigner, New Order,  and Gary Numan along with some of those who were influenced by the album like Frank Ocean, Bilal, Washed Out, and Bon Iver and Doomtree’s love child, Gayngs.

It’s important to note that this week the setup is a little different. There are a few minor differences between the Spotify playlist and the Mixcloud radio edit. Due to Spotify’s licensing issues, and my own creative choices, two of the songs I wanted to add (Heartless +Pinocchio Medley – Live from SNL: Kanye West), and (No Scrubs – P.O.S. Regrind: Gayngs) are not available on Spotify and thus have been replaced with the closest available songs. This will probably happen more and more in the future as I use more live recordings and do as much crate digging as possible, so make sure to listen to the full Mixcloud Radio Edit!


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Mixtape Monday: Edition B


Mixtape Monday is back in action, but we got a major switch up this week! Nick Francis is off deck, and Guest Mixer Bridget Ahearn is up at bat!

Bringing the crazy eclectic vibes Edition B pulls no punches and gets WEIRD. B brought out the full cast with an amazing range of artists from Kendrick Lamar, Outkast, FKA Twigs, Little Dragon, Toro y Moi, to Robert Glasper, Beach House and Santigold. Enjoy, it’s a hell of a trip!

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Mixtape Monday: Volume VI


And with another Monday Morning Mixtape Mondays is back with Volume VI: Baby Girl Why Dontcha! New Mixtape Mondays are up every Monday morning. This week we’re diving into some old school, 60’s-80’s sounds, it’l be wild. We have an incredibly diverse range of artists, from local heroes like The Fantastic Negrito, to legends and pioneers such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Chaka Khan and many other amazing acts from the 60’s – 80’s Motown scene. Enjoy!

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Mixtape Monday: Volume V


Welcome back! Hope your weekend was either eventful or slumbrous, whichever you needed most. We’re gonna jump right on into this week’s Mix, Volume V: “Dead On Arrival”. We’re definitely back in the hip hop category this week (I assure you we’ll be going in a completely different direction with the next mix!) with some classics, both contemporary and legacy, mainstream and underground. I’m working on condensing the mixes from here on out, with Volume V clocking in as the shortest yet at 45 minutes. Even with the shortest mix we definitely packed the house, featuring musicians and acts such as Blackalicious, J. Cole, Dilated Peoples, Jay Z, J Dilla, Doomtree and Mike Mictlan doing his own thing, Sunspot Jonz, Collective Efforts, Copywrite and the classics Lyrics born and Kool & The Gang.

Also – As you can see moving forward the Mixtapes will be posted on Soundcloud and on Spotify, use whichever platform you prefer – on soundcloud I’ll be acting a bit more as a radio DJ, whereas on Spotify it’l just be a playlist of all the songs in the mix.


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Mixtape Monday: Volume IV


Welcome back to Mixtape Monday, hope your day is starting off or at least going right. This week we’re revisiting my love for horns, funk and jazz music but with an emphasis on the distinct New Orleans sound. Volume IV, titled “XO Katrina”, is my small way to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the destruction and disaster, both natural and man made, that was Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. This weeks mix contains classic Jazz musicians such as Coltrane and Thelonious Monk, but much of the attention dives head first into some of New Orleans most prominent musicians, both legacy acts and contemporary players such as Kermit Ruffins, The Rebirth Brass Band, Trombone Shorty, Terence Blanchard, and the king of all New Orleans music Fats Domino.

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Mixtape Monday: Volume III

Mixtape Monday Vol: III

Mixtape Monday Vol: III “I Could Feel Better” is here, in all it’s glory. This is by far the fattest mixtape I’ve prepared for ya’ll and I hope you’ll have the time to get through it all during a work power session, or that you’ll find a section of it that you can enjoy. This mix jumps all over the place, from early 00’s R&B grooves, to high pitched soul samples and classic rock?, to that grungier, industrial-punk infused hip hop I love so dearly.

For those of you who’ve talked with me, or heard me talk about music before – it is incredibly personal to me. I heavily connect to the music I’m listening to, emotionally and artistically speaking. This last week I’ve been feely fairly depressed. I’ve also had some absolutely incredible things happen, both personally and professionally – all in the same time frame. That clash of emotion has been difficult to deal with, because of how all over the place my inner dialogue can be. This mixtape is should reflect that stew of conflicting emotions – I’ll hope you catch that as you listen instead of explaining the specifics of how.

Anyways, because I gave more room for a greater list of songs in this volume, we have an incredible range of artists this week, including: Stromae, F. Stokes, Dessa, Joey Bada$$, Rappin’ 4-Tay, Clipse, and Alicia Keys – along with some regulars and some major surprises (that ending tho).

Special shoutout to my former teacher and mentor, Tim Kaihatsu, playing base on “Right Next Door” with the Robert Cray Band. RIP.

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Mixtape Monday: Volume II


Mixtape Monday Vol. II is here! This week we’re diving into the limited but wonderful world of Hip Hop producers sampling horns. As a complete sucker for horn samples I’ve always found it fairly distressing how infrequently I hear a decent – if any – horn sample on my favorite records. It tends to be more common for an single album to have a large number of horn samples (which would blot a mixtape) rather than a producers discography to be peppered with them.

Shout out to Dre and Kendrick for filling their most recent projects with horns, though in Dre’s case I sadly cannot add them to this mix as for the moment I’m still using Spotify and his latest is Apple Exclusive. Hopefully the inclusion of Dilla will offset that balance.  There’s a couple of surprises in there that I hope will pave the way for a fun ride. Enjoy!

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Mixtape Monday: Volume 1


Volume I of Mixtape Mondays is up and live. This mix was make special for my instructor Chris Koehler, he asked for a broad -though concise – range of some of my favorite Hip Hop artists/albums. This mix is fairly heavy on the bangerish songs, and def has a heavy set of drums leading the way.

I’ll be posting a new mix, some long, some short, every week for Mixtape Monday. I plan on exploring all my favorite kinds of music, talking about my biggest influences, and hopefully exploring some new sounds. I’ll also include album reviews with Mixtape Mondays if something sparks my interest. Those might also be posted separately, we shall see.

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