The Talking Pillow Podcast: Episode III

Welcome back to The Talking Pillow, the weekly midnight podcast with Nick Francis and Zach Hing of Fault and Fracture. This week we’re jumping right into our love of music, our idols, our inspirations, and what might shake up the music industry.

The Talking Pillow is a raw, uncut, unedited podcast where the Fault and Fracture crew meets up every Thursday night to discuss the things on our mind, the culture around us, and anything else that might come to mind. We hope you’ll tune in and enjoy!

The Talking Pillow airs every Thursday-Night, Friday-Morning!

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The Talking Pillow Podcast: Episode I

Hey all!

We’re kicking off a very exciting new program tonight, a podcast helmed by fellow Fault and Fracture Member Zach Hing and myself called “The Talking Pillow”. We’ll be posting new episodes every Thursday night around 12pm (tonight was a bit delayed)! Each week we’ll cover a variety of topics, around culture, general news, arts, music, and whatever else may come up. We’ll have new guests and hopefully some familiar faces each week around the table, it’s sure to be a good time. We hope you’ll tune in and enjoy!

This week’s guests are fellow illustrators Josh Gibson and Jinna Kaneko.

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