Live and Direct! Mr. West Mr. West @ The Warfield


Wake up Mr. West! I know I was certainly yelling Wake up Mr. Francis to myself Saturday morning as myself and hundreds of other Kanye West fans waited in line for his performance at the DNC’s fundraiser. Barrack Obama, Libby Shaff, the entire Warriors team, Serena Williams and Jamie Foxx were all in attendance, with Barrack and Libby both giving speeches before Kanye came out on stage. And while Kanye definitely took his time getting the show ready to start, it was an incredible 45minute set once it started.

Despite the minor (and now expected) technical difficulties Ye busted out all the hits, several off record radio smashes, and concluded the performance with a medley of songs from each of his albums; covering every major releaseĀ from his catalog save for Watch the Throne.

The performance itself felt like the baby sister to his recent 808’s and Heartbreaks shows at the Hollywood Bowl, with the stage lights, sets and costumes (other than his own) being made of very simple beige garments and color ways. He himself wore white rags and beige boots. All Yeezys of course. The majority of the songs performed came from 808’s, including Heartless, Love Lock Down, Amazing, and Coldest Winter – while all the other albums got around two songs per, with Yeezus only getting one (sadly) – Blackkk Skkkinhead, though the veracity and intensity in his performance of that song made up for the lack of other Yeezus tracks, and of course he included several of the tracks from his upcoming album including Only One and ALL DAY.

Honestly there isn’t much more to objectively say about the show. It was phenominal, but the chances of myself going to a Kanye show and not enjoying myself were pretty damn slim. This is was my second time seeing Kanye live, the last time being as part of the Yeezus tour at the Oracle Arena, and that was a much, much bigger space. The Warfield is a much more intimate space and the energy just bled every where. Unless my most extreme dreams come true this might very well be the smallest venue I’ll ever see Kanye perform it. Thank you Mr. West for setting this up in San Francisco, and supporting the DNC with this show.

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