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From last Thursday through the weekend I had the distinct pleasure of both working with and seeing Midtown Social perform live three times. Twice as part of the UnderCover Presents: “The Singles!” Tribute show to Amy Winehouse at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, and once as they headlined at The Great American Music Hall.

As someone who predominantly listens to hip hop, I can safely say from a musical standpoint I have no idea what the hell Midtown Social is doing, I’ll leave that to someone who’s either actually in a band or isn’t as ignorant as myself. With that in mind I can safely say, whatever Midtown is doing I’m absolutely in love. The two lead singers, Kisura Nyoto (Ki) and Aaron Joseph Jurgens, with backing vocals from Whitney Moses, create an incredible and rousing performance that demands every audience member get on their feet and move without reservation. Even as the whitest and least rhythm coordinated person at any of the three performances I consistently found myself (at least trying) to get down.

And while Ki’s vocals definitely steal the majority of the show, one would be remiss to think that Midtown’s magic relies solely on her charm. Every member of the 9/10 piece band is extraordinarily talented and extremely graceful with their stage presence. Sara Beth on base had all the funk/music nerds in the back loosing their minds, Lydia on violin and Teddy on horns (sax and clarinet) made an incredible if not subtle duo, the drums section with RJ and Adam made an incredible impact on the audience at the GAMH with a several minute long drum solo to close out the show (pre encore).

This group really knows what’s up, and while they won’t be playing another show in the Bay until October you should be sure to follow them on social media and keep up with their future acts.

Fave Songs: My Love,  Soul Clap (New Song?), Tears Dry On Their Own (Amy Cover).
Their EP “Down on 6th” is currently available in vinyl and for digital download through their website.

Keep up with Midtown Social @
Instagram: midtownsocial
Twitter: MidtownSocial

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